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Protective fittings

Fittings protector is designed to protect the insulation hangers , insulators, conductors , lightning protection cables from electrical and mechanical effects that cause deterioration or damage to the overhead of separate elements.
To apply a protective fixture ; strut spacers , vibration dampers , ballasts , safety and protective sleeves , rings, protective screens , mount displays, horn bit .
spacers remote

Spacers intended to maintain a predetermined distance phase conductors of overhead power lines and the outdoor switchgear , and to reduce the wires in subkolebany podproletah .
Spacers are available types of WG , the VRA , 4RG , 5RG , 8RG , P, PV, RGIF .
Dies spacers of all kinds ( except for the deaf sub-station of the type P ) consist of an aluminum alloy and are unified for all types of braces and traction ( for WP , PN , RGIF ) or welded frame ( for others) . The use of non-magnetic alloy plates reduces losses in the reversal .
Spacers withstand compressive and tensile force of at least 2kN directed along the axis of the rod . Force preceding offset plates mounted on the wire must be not less than 2kN .
Spacers type RG , as well as planar struts are equipped with captive screws , tightening plates with steel plates that protect the plate from wear and tear when you move . To prevent loosening bolts on the struts mounted bendable lock washers .


Dampers are installed on the wires and cables of power lines to prevent them from damaging the fatigue stresses caused by vibration. For installation on overhead wires are used vibration dampers such as hepatitis B , CMO , or PIP . To install on wires big transitions - such as dampers GPG with a " blind " attachment or vibration dampers such as GPS reset.
Vibration dampers are equipped with all types of dies with lower magnetic losses .

Rings and protective screens

Rings and protective screens used in tension insulator sets VL 330 kV and above to align the distribution level of the voltage drop on the insulators and protect the valve from the corona . The screens are also used to support the transition of large pods , the overhead line voltage of 500 kV and above in the case of terminal type PSU, as well as the 1150 kV overhead lines in those cases where this is provided by the project .

Horn bit

Horns are designed to create a bit of spark discharge gap insulators suspension lightning protector protects the cable from the electric arc .


The ballasts are used in power transmission lines that ran along the rugged terrain, to prevent " pull " wires . By supporting clamps suspended loads compensating ballasts , the required weight is determined by calculation.