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Contact fittings

For the implementation of the branches of the wires and attach the wires to the terminals on the unit used in terminals of different designs .
The terminals are not designed to effect significant mechanical loads. Effort , providing contact wire- clamp is in them due to tie bolts ( bolt clamps ) or opressovaniem (hardware , junction compression clamps ) .
To destination terminals are divided into :

junction serving for the implementation of a branch ( branch line ) from the wire to the machine ;
hardware , providing connection wires to the terminals on the unit ;
It should be understood that the bolt contacts require periodic inspection and tightening of bolts . Special attention should be given to ensure the reliability of contacts in the transition from aluminum to copper wiring terminals on the unit .

In these cases, the aluminum legs are copper plated terminals , avoiding the loss of contact due to electrolytic corrosion , especially when moisture . Direct bolting aluminum clamps with copper pin devices is not allowed.

Clips junction

Clips junction OA type used for aluminum and steel-aluminum wire , type OM - for copper wire , type of PDA - for aluminum hollow wires.
Clips junction compressible have the following notation for example, in the mark of OA -70 -1:

0 - clamp tap-off ;

And - for aluminum ( steel-aluminum ) wires;

70 - conductor cross-section in mm2 is designed for clamp ;

1 - serial number of the clip.

Plug- compressible junction type clamps ROA apply in cases where it is necessary to perform an offshoot of the systems in substations with mounted busbar , for example, the expansion of the substation. Crimped terminals junction of the split type OSA. used for overhead low voltage power lines .

Clamp -type tap-off CAP for aluminum hollow wires are used in outdoor switchgear busbars (ORU ) to perform the descent to the apparatus .

AOA -clamps are used for performing branches in the spans PA500 power line wires . The structure of the housing clamp clips included tap- brand PDA -500 and hardware brands A2AP -500 -2 .

Hardware clamp

Clamps hardware designed for attachment to the apparatus and terminals for connection to the tap-off clamps. Hardware clamp compressible are denoted as follows ,
for example, in the brand A4A -95 -8 : A - clamp hardware ;

4 - the number of holes in the contact foot ;
And - for aluminum ( steel-aluminum ) wires;
M - for copper wires;
AP - for hollow aluminum wire.
95 - conductor cross-section in mm2 is designed for clamp ;
8 - number of models of the clip.

Hardware clamp used to attach two, three , four and five wires to the terminals on the unit . Connection with the conclusion of the contact tabs machine screws provided , the number of which can be 2, 4 , 6, and more .

There are two versions of clips :

1st version - the supply lines to the unit wires are perpendicular to the plane of the contact legs;
2nd version - the wires are parallel to the axis of the contact legs .
Aluminum hardware terminals , which are attached to the copper terminals of the unit , have a copper contact plate welded to the body by cold welding or aluminum foot , copper-clad . Sometimes the legs are covered with a layer of copper clamps deposited by electroplating .

Clips are mounted on the wires compressible opressovaniem using hydraulic presses. Each clip is labeled , the trademark of the plant, year of manufacture. Electrical resistance connected via terminals of the electric wires is greater than the resistance wire length equal to the length of the assembled clamp . Heating clip mounted to the wire by passing current through them to the maximum allowable current density of the wire is not more than the heating of the wire. Durability hollow sealing wires mounted with a slit in the junction terminals , provides at least 90 % of the strength of a wire. Mounting clamps must be performed in strict accordance with the requirements of the installation instructions and the instructions in the drawings.

Hardware clamp with strain of thermal expansion

Clamps hardware with thermal expansion compensating marks AA 211 and AA 213 are intended for fastening a tire diameter pipe 140/120 mm to terminals apparatus. Clamps consist of two tubular holders tires , one of which is rigidly fixed to a tubular tire , and another bracket mounted on the output device allows the tubular tire to move relative thereto in an axial direction when temperature changes length tubular tire. Holders interconnected bus compressors. Comply with the requirements of GOST 13276-79 .