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Reinforcement supports

This section includes clips supporting the deaf for one or more wire hangers multi-idler, races spanking clips and special support (pylons).

Clamps support(pylons)

Supporting deaf blind clamps are designed for mounting wires and lightning protection wires (steel channel cent) of insulating suspensions(hangers), as well as lightning protection cables for attaching directly to the intermediate supports(pylons) of overhead power lines.

Terminals supporting deaf divided into groups by appointment:

• Clamps for one wire in the phase types of PG and PGN;
• Clamps for two, three, four, five and eight types of wires in the phase 2PGN, 3PGN, 4PGN, 4PGN2, 5PGN, 5PGN2, and 8PGN2, 8PGN4.
• Clamps for outdoor switchgear brands 2PGN-5-1 and 3PGN-5-1.
• Clamps for areas of frequent icing brands PGN-5-4 and 3PGN2-5-1 and 3PGN2-5-4.
• Terminals for the three wires AS-500/336 brands 3PGN-6-1 and 3PGN2-6-1.
• Clamps for hollow aluminum wires brands PGN-6-9, PGN-8-6, 3PGN-8-1 and 4PGN2-8-2.
• Terminals for the intermediate-type angular bearings PGU, 2PGU and 3PGU and 5PGU2.
• Suspensions(hangers) Multi-Idler.

In addition to these major groups supporting the clamps on the power lines and substations is used a number of other supporting terminals and devices over a narrow purpose.